The famous collection in motion

Alphonse Mucha

The famous collection in motion

Visit the unique exhibition "iMUCHA – A Famous Collection in Motion" to be drawn into the atmosphere of the decorative Art Nouveau. The most famous collection of posters and other works by Alphonse Mucha, the foundations of which were laid by the former top-ranked tennis star Ivan Lendl, was awarded the title as the Most Visited Fine Arts Exhibition in the History of the Czech Republic at its first exhibition in 2013 in Prague's Municipal House. This time you can enjoy views of newly acquired masterpieces and especially the experience of digital processing. This has breathed life not only into the models from Mucha's posters. We offer you a small taste of what awaits you in the Exhibition.
Alphonse Mucha

Slav Epic

Undoubtedly Alphonse Mucha’s most monumental work, admired by millions of people around the world, is the Slav Epic. Twenty large-format canvases onto which the master of Art Nouveau imprinted the history of the Czech Slavs and other Slavic nations. When you look at the moving parts of the Slav Epic all together as a single whole and enhanced by dramatic music, you will literally be drawn into a piece of our history.
Alphonse Mucha

Endless inspiration

Models from posters in motion, the stunning animated plot of the Slav Epic, with Alphonse Mucha himself speaking from his self-portrait. All of this turns a standard exhibition into an unrepeatable moment. But the list does not end there. On 550 square metres you will find more than two hundred original works by Alphonse Mucha, many of which will literally draw you into times dating back more than a century.


Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha was a world-famous Czech painter, graphic artist and designer, who became famous especially for his applied art (posters, labels, books, jewellery, furniture). He was also a key figure in the decorative Art Nouveau style, which shaped the "look" of the time. Here, in the photograph, Mucha's life is "told" by his friends, including Paul Gaugin (far left), and the Czech Art Nouveau giant reveals something about himself on his own in the Exhibition.
Welcoming visitors to their own exhibition is a common practice for many artists, at least at the opening. Alphonse Mucha, however, logically can no longer do so, having died 81 years ago after lengthy interrogations by the Gestapo. And yet, at the iMucha Exhibition opening in the Municipal House, he still makes an illusory appearance ...
iMUCHA: An exhibition that lends a piece of our art history contemporary dimensions …
ExtraStory, 30. September 2020
... The multimedia iMUCHA project in the Municipal House presents a comprehensive view of the works of one of our most famous painters, dividing them into individual periods and thematic areas, and accompanies his art briefly yet with great clarity...
Lidové noviny, 26. September 2020


The voice of Pierce Brosnan

Alfons Mucha vítá návštěvníky na výstavě ze svého autoportrétu hlasem Pierce Brosnana.Alphonse Mucha in the voice of Pierce Brosnan welcomes visitors to the Exhibition from his self-portrait.

Adobe technology

The revolutionary EbSynth program from Secret Weapons and FaceStyle from Adobe breathe new life into Art Nouveau works.

Basis of the collection

The initial basis of the collection was laid years ago by Ivan Lendl, formerly the top-ranked tennis player in the world.


iMUCHA Exhibition

Prague, Czech Republic
Municipal House
until Feb 28, 2023

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What is the price of admission?

Full price
CZK 290
CZK 190
(max. two adults and up tothree children under 15)
CZK 750
Children under three, escort of handicapped person
(student, teacher for every ten students free)
CZK 130
(with press credentials or upon agreement with the press secretary – see Contacts)

How long are tickets valid?

The validity of tickets is not restricted; purchased tickets remain valid until the end of the Exhibition.

Is it necessary to make a reservation to visit the Exhibition?

No, you can visit the Exhibition at any time during opening hours, Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, we recommend checking the News section here on the website, where shorter opening hours or all-day closures of the exhibition (on exceptional occasions) are announced.

Is it necessary to present a document confirming you are Covid-free when you visit?

The current conditions for entry to the exhibition are determined by current government regulations and change over time. Therefore, please keep an eye on the "News" section here on the website for the latest and current entry requirements.

What are the opening hours of the Exhibition?

The Exhibition is open seven days a week, from Monday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. However, we recommend checking the News section here on the website, where shorter opening hours or all-day closures of the exhibition (on exceptional occasions) are announced.

Is the Exhibition open on public holidays?

Yes, the Exhibition is open on public holidays. However, we recommend checking the News section here on the website, where shorter opening hours or all-day closures of the exhibition (on exceptional occasions) are announced.

Where can I buy tickets to the Exhibition?

Tickets to the Exhibition can be purchased electronically from the network as well as at the venue itself from the Municipal House ticket office. Points of sale:

Are guided tours available?

Yes, we organise guided tours. If you are interested in a guided tour, please write to

Where is the Exhibition taking place?

The Exhibition is being held at the Municipal House, Náměstí republiky 1090/5, Prague 1, marked on the map here

Is a contact available directly for the Exhibition venue?

Yes, the e-mail address is or you can call +420 702 252 789


Nov 14, 2022

New large-screen digital projections in the Municipal House

From now on, you can also see large-scale projections of Alfons Mucha's work, which were on display at the exhibition in the Riding Hall of Prague Castle. We have brought them in a reduced form to the Municipal House for you because of their great audience success.

Nov 1, 2022

Shortened opening hours in November

Dear visitors, on 3, 24 and 28 November we have to close the exhibition at 6 p.m. for operational reasons. Thank you for your understanding. On other days, the standard opening hours apply.

Oct 26, 2022

Opening hours during the Christmas holidays

Dear Visitors,
we bring you an overview of the opening hours of the exhibition during the Christmas holidays:
24 December 2022 closed
25 December 20222 closed
26. December 2022 10-19
31 December 2022 open 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
1 January 2023 closed

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